Why and for whom has PeneloP been created ?


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Design and technical information

The original drafts of the watch winder 

Its design is modern, innovative, unique and elegant.

Made in Switzerland. This"state of the art" watch winder is manufactured in a Swiss assembly plant.  Qualified and skilled personnel put all their attentiveness and pride into the manufacturing of this object, offering thus the quality for which this field is so well-known.

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Equipped with a silent and sturdy motor, PeleloP watch winders will take care of your watches without fail.



A vertical position of the watch on the winder for a maximum efficiency.

Possibility to place up to 4 watches on the standard version.

The watch support can be adjusted to all types and dimensions of bracelets (Patent pending).

The watch is placed on a vertical plane, which makes sure that the rotor of the watch perfectly activates the wind-up mechanism.

PeneloP winds up the watches the mechanism of which works with a unique right or left rotation, and of course also watches with bi-directional rotation..

PeneloP has an electronic timer with 8 settings (10 min, to 1 hour 20 min) made once at your convenience.
The watch winder runs at ~ 12 revolutions / minute during the determined time from the moment the power has been switched on and then start again at the same time every 24 hours. 

No need for programming, no need for time adjustment, it's all simple and functional !

A 3-position switch placed on the back of the device lets you choose between:
Stop, Timer,  Continuous function (e.g. for devices in showcases).

The ball-bearings mounted on both side of the axle ensure a smooth rotation without gap.

The arms are equipped with a maintenance-free friction anti - blocking system.


Power supply for the watch winder

Dangerless low-voltage power supply.

Europ   220VAC 
USA     110VAC

Dimentions of the PeneloP watch winder  
netto 1.8 kg  without power supply

The PeneloP production








The PeneloP name

PeneloP and the watch winder name

Penelope, in Greek mythology, was the wife of Odysseus. Since her husband had left to make war in Troja, many suitors importuned Penelope, requesting her to marry them so as to acces the throne. 

She finally had to accept but fixed one condition: before choosing her future husband, she wanted to terminate the linen cloth she was weaving. 

Each night, the faithful wive undid the work she had been doing during the day. Her stratagem lasted for three years before it was discovered. 

A day, the one person that everybody believed to be dead, except for Penelope who was still waiting for him, returned home...


Penelope symbolizes fidelity.   






FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  •     During how much time should my watch be moving?
    PeneloP switches on for a daily two-hour rotation period which is sufficient for all types of automatic movements.


  •     Will this wear the watch movement?
    No, on the contrary. It is even preferable that the movement be activated permanently. This prevents the oil from thickening.


  •     My watch winds itself up with a one-way rotor. Will PeneloP be compatible with it?
    Yes, you just have to determine in which way the movement of your watch winds itself up. If it does not wind up, all you do is place it on the opposite rotation support.


  •     Will PeneloP not wind my watch up too much?
    No, the movements are designed for all current or sportive activities. The 40 minutes base setting per day are sufficient for perfect functioning, but by no means excessive.


  •     May I activate PeneloP in continuous movement the whole day?
    Yes. Many shops exhibit their automatic watches in their showcases with PeneloP.


  •     May I connect PeneloP to a 110 VAC 60 Hz mains supply?
    Yes, but you must specify the voltage of your mains supply when ordering PeneloP.


  •     How can I change the moment where PeneloP starts working?
    Just pull the plug and connect it again in the moment you decide. PeneloP will then switch itself on automatically every day at the same hour.